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Trump wants a park for statues of 'American heroes.' Just how might that work?Against a backdrop of tensions over Confederate monuments, Trump's executive order hits at a main theme of his reelection campaign.

7/4/2020 4:58:40 PM

Judge grants bond to ex-Atlanta cop charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks shootingA judge says Garrett Rolfe is not a flight risk, granting bond to the ex-Atlanta police off'icer charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks' shooting.

7/4/2020 12:40:28 PM

Protester killed and another fighting for life after car hits Seattle marchA 24-year-old protester died on Saturday of her injuries after they and another protester were hit by a car on a closed highway in Seattle while marching against police brutality, authorities said. Summer Taylor of Seattle died in the evening at Harborview Medical Center, spokeswoman Susan Gregg said. Taylor and Diaz Love, 32, of Portland, Oregon, were hit by the car that barreled through a panicked crowd of protesters on Interstate 5 early on Saturday morning, officials said. Dawit Kelete of Seattle drove the car around vehicles that were blocking I-5 and sped into the crowd about 1:40 am, according to a police report released by the Washington State Patrol. Video taken at the scene by protesters showed people shouting "Car! Car!" before fleeing the roadway. Love is in serious condition in the intensive care unit, Harborview, Ms Gregg said. Colleagues and friends said that both Taylor and Love identified as non-binary and used "they" and "they" as their pronouns. Love was filming the protest in a nearly two-hour-long Facebook livestream captioned "Black Femme March takes I-5" when the video ended abruptly; with about 15 seconds left, shouts of "Car!" can be heard as the camera starts to shake before screeching tires and the sound of impact are heard.

7/4/2020 8:52:12 AM

Brain-eating amoeba: Warning issued in Florida after rare infection caseSince 1962, Florida has reported only 37 cases of the deadly pathogen, which attacks brain tissue.

7/6/2020 4:22:07 AM

Despite precautions, summer camps have failed to keep out the coronavirusCampers and staff members promise to isolate before they arrive at camp, but in several cases the pandemic has arrived with them.

7/5/2020 7:25:00 AM

Frederick Douglass statue vandalized in Rochester parkA statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass was ripped from its base in Rochester on the anniversary of one of his most famous speeches, delivered in that city in 1852. Police said the statue of Douglass was taken on Sunday from Maplewood Park, a site along the Underground Railroad where Douglass and Harriet Tubman helped shuttle slaves to freedom. In Rochester on July 5, 1852, Douglass gave the speech “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” in which he called the celebration of liberty a sham in a nation that enslaves and oppresses its Black citizens.

7/5/2020 7:13:40 PM

5 Americans who flew by private jet to Italy were reportedly denied entry due to the EU ban on visitors from countries with high coronavirus infection ratesOfficials on the island of Sardinia expressed frustration at having to exclude the US travellers after their long flight, said reports.

7/4/2020 6:47:09 AM

Soaring U.S. coronavirus cases, hospitalizations overshadow July 4 celebrationsIn the first four days of July alone, 15 states have reported record increases in new cases of COVID-19, which has infected nearly 3 million Americans and killed about 130,000, according to a Reuters tally. Florida's cases have risen by over 10,000 for three out of the last four days, including climbing by 10,059 on Sunday, surpassing the highest daily tally reported by any European country during the height of the coronavirus outbreak there. Cases are also soaring in Arizona, California and Texas and trending upwards in Midwest states that once had infections declining such as Iowa, Ohio and Michigan, according to a Reuters analysis of how much cases rose in the past two weeks compared with the prior two weeks.

7/5/2020 9:30:29 AM

As divisions threaten America, the pressure to cancel presidents is dangerousAfter Woodrow Wilson, who's next? Thomas Jefferson? FDR? JFK? Jimmy Carter? Gerald Ford? We remove tributes to our imperfect presidents at our peril.

7/6/2020 4:00:12 AM

Trump sows division at Mount Rushmore speech as U.S. grapples with crisesPresident Trump made a direct appeal to disaffected white voters four months before Election Day.

7/4/2020 10:41:18 AM

China detains professor who criticised Xi over coronavirusChinese authorities on Monday detained a law professor who published essays criticising President Xi Jinping over the coronavirus pandemic and his efforts to consolidate power, according to friends of the man. Xu Zhangrun, a rare outspoken critic of the government in China's heavily censored academia, was taken from his home in suburban Beijing by more than 20 people, one of his friends said on condition of anonymity. Xu published an essay in February blaming the culture of deception and censorship fostered by Xi for the spread of the coronavirus in China.

7/6/2020 3:29:09 AM

Iran's Military Is Armed to the Teeth with Lots of MissilesAnd it has built the region's largest missile force.

7/4/2020 8:30:00 AM

Katsina: The motorcycle bandits terrorising northern NigeriaInsecurity has worsened in the north-west as kidnapping for ransom becomes a lucrative trade.

7/6/2020 4:56:09 AM

Man in famous 9/11 photo dies from COVID-19 in FloridaA man photographed fleeing smoke and debris as the south tower of the World Trade Center crumbled just a block away on Sept. 11, 2001, has died from coronavirus, his family said. The Palm Beach Post reported that Stephen Cooper, an electrical engineer from New York who lived part-time in the Delray Beach, Florida area, died March 28 at Delray Medical Center due to COVID-19. The photo, captured by an Associated Press photographer, was published in newspapers and magazines around the world and is featured at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York.

7/4/2020 1:31:01 PM